Lite ramps - Strong ramps in the lightweight class

Lite ramps

  1. Lightweight ramp

  2. Multiple uses

  3. Smart wheelchair bag that makes it easy to take the ramp with you


Strong ramps in the lightweight class

Made of fiberglass and carbon fiber, Stepless Lite ramps are some of the lightest models on the market, so they are ideal for active users who have to handle ramps themselves – and who can now carry their own ramp with them. Stepless Lite models feature a broad driving surface and are simple to fold in the middle (lengthwise). They are also extremely light, making them easy to transport. Despite their low weight, Lite ramps can handle loads of up to 300 kg. The 85 cm Lite model easily bridges most bathtubs, which means it can double as a portable bath chair for active users.

The Lite ramp features the following benefits:

  • Lightweight – easy to transport and carry
  • Easy to unfold, and just as simple to fold up again
  • Smart wheelchair bag – makes it easier to transport the small 70 cm model on the back of a wheelchair
  • Safe and secure – non-skid driving surface
  • Takes up little space when not in use

Lite ramps are available in different lengths to accommodate different needs.

We always recommend using the longest ramp possible – the longer the ramp, the gentler the gradient and the easier the ramp is to negotiate. Generally speaking, we recommend the following ramp lengths in relation to the stated gradients:
User-operated manual wheelchair: maximum gradient 1:7.
Helper-assisted manual wheelchair and electric wheelchair: maximum gradient 1:5.

Recommended ramp lengths are presented in the chart below.

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Product Number Length
30100-070 70 cm
30100-085 85 cm
30100-125 125 cm
30100-165 165 cm
30100-205 205 cm

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