EasyFold Pro Ramps


The world is full of different levels. There are obstacles everywhere that make everyday life difficult for people with reduced mobility. Even a small doorstep can be a hindrance.
Stepless supplies a wide range of ramps, including everything from small cover plates and doorstep ramps to portable solutions.

Our products are made of a variety of materials and are available in different lengths and widths with different surface finishes. The wide range of products makes us able to provide exactly the right ramp for every individual need.

Portable ramps

Stepless portable ramps are used to eliminate the kinds of minor height differences often encountered when negotiating steps, stairs and kerbs, for example.

Therefore, a ramp ensures better accessibility for everybody – wheelchair users, people who walk with difficulty, people pushing prams, etc.

The kind of ramp most suitable in any particular situation is usually determined by the difference in height and the user’s specific needs.

Stepless portable ramps feature safety edges on both sides and are simple to place securely in position so users can cross them safely and in comfort.

We always recommend using the longest ramp possible – the longer the ramp, the gentler the gradient and the easier the ramp is to negotiate. Generally speaking, we recommend the following ramp lengths in relation to the stated gradients:

  • User-operated manual wheelchair: maximum gradient 1:7
  • Helper-assisted manual wheelchair and electric wheelchair: maximum gradient 1:5

All Stepless portable ramps are made of durable materials designed to withstand normal weather conditions. Moreover, they take up little room when not in use.

Doorstep Solutions

Stepless doorstep ramps, cover plates and ramp kits make it easy to negotiate doorsteps. Several models are available, each intended to cover specific needs.

Stepless doorstep ramps are designed to be positioned on top of existing doorsteps. 

Cover plates, on the other hand, are installed by removing the doorstep completely and then laying the plate flush with the floor.

Stepless Excellent ramp kits are designed for positioning in front of a doorstep so as to even out differences in height.

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