1. Simple, straightforward operation

  2. Versatile

  3. Also available with side exit


A mobile platform lift

The Stepless LP11 is a mobile platform lift designed specifically to help people with reduced mobility enter and exit trains without difficulty. The LP11 platform lift is fitted with a width-adjustable ramp, which makes it so versatile that it can be adapted to suit all types of train.

The LP11 model is therefore also ideal for use in conference centres and theatres, to provide people with reduced mobility easy access to the stage.

The lightweight construction and the neat design make the platform easy to move and to position. The Stepless LP11 platform lift can be operated quickly and easily by a single person.

The LP11 model features a range of special safety measures, including an anti-crush profile on the underside, an emergency stop button, and a mechanical emergency lowering system. Furthermore, the platform is fitted with tall railings on both sides to provide a safe, secure lift every time.

The upper and lower ramps fold up when the platform is in use, ensuring that the user cannot roll off while the platform is in motion.

The Stepless LP11 model has a maximum lifting capacity of 300 kg and can perform lifts to heights of up to 1 metre.

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