Cases overview

Exhibition area at car dealer

Made accessible with platform lift

In December 2015, Autohuset Kronsbjerg started selling and servicing yet another car brand in their department in Odense. Taking on this new car brand meant that existing facilities became too small. Kronsbjerg decided to invest in a new, beautiful building of approx. 1500 m2.

The new premises are built in split levels that have a level difference of approx. 50 cm. It was necessary to create accessibility for people with walking difficulties and wheelchair users.

Kronsbjerg chose the LP7 platform lift from Stepless by Guldmann both because of its elegant and light design but also because of the plug and play construction that has a very low entry level of only 50 mm.


- Platform lift with unique features

LP7 is for indoor as well as outdoor use, and is easy to install, as it is placed directly on the ground and is self-supporting. Operating buttons are easily accessible on the platform itself, in addition to external wall-mounted or freestanding operating panels on the upper and lower level.

Technical Details
Lifting capacity 350 kg
Lifting height 1500 mm
50 mm ramp height

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