Platform lifts

Platform lift at Notre Dame, discreet and invisible access

Platform lifts

Stepless supplies a wide range of platform lifts designed to give wheelchair users and other people with reduced mobility safe, dignified access to places that are otherwise hard to reach. Our secure, stable solutions help users negotiate height differences of up to three metres.

Stepless lifts require much less space than a system of ramps, making them ideal for installing in places where any ramps needed would be too steep or too long.

The kind of lift most suitable in any particular situation is usually determined by the difference in height and the user’s specific needs.

Bespoke solutions

Improving access conditions can often pose quite a challenge – especially in old, heritage buildings, for example. To help in this area, we supply bespoke platform lifts designed specifically to blend in well with the existing setting, furnishings and other requirements.

Stepless manufactures several types of specially adapted, discreet lift solutions that combine the need to provide dignified access conditions for people with reduced mobility with the desire to implement aesthetically pleasing solutions.

The individual models are discreet and designed to blend in seamlessly – as far as possible – with the existing setting so as to maintain an attractive architectural appearance.

Standard Solutions

Stepless manufactures a wide range of versatile standard platform lifts, which are easy to install in most locations with a height difference of up to three metres.

Designed to promote user dignity and independence, the majority of Stepless lifts are user-operated.

Stepless platform lifts provide dignified access for everyone, rather than requiring users with reduced mobility to use a separate entrance.

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