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Welcome in the “basement” beneath Den Gamle By

The designers of a 'journey through 1,200 years of Aarhus' history', in Den Gamle By (The Old Town) made sure that accessibility was a key feature of the 800-square-metre permanent installation: no wonder, for it is located underground, beneath the Danish attraction's '1974' quarter.
'Aarhus Stories' is the very first museum compilation to present the city's history – from the time of the Vikings to the present day.

Down in the 'basement', history plays out in a series of scenes that faithfully reflect the various historical periods. To allow all visitors to access this level, special measures have assured accessibility for both wheelchair users and individuals with limited mobility.
Everyone will thus be able to reach the subterranean exhibition, either by elevator or with the help of a bespoke platform lift supplied by Guldmann's Stepless division.

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