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SLP model D as X-ray platform lift

A version of SLP model D has been developed especially for hospitals, including for use in X-ray departments.

This version, called an X-ray platform lift, is built into the floor and can lift the patient up to the correct height for the X-ray machine when, for example, knees or ankles need to be X-rayed.

The X-Ray platform lift has support rails that make it safe for the patient to stand on the platform. It has a low built-in height, which makes it easy to install even where there are different floor levels.

The Hospital of South West Jutland in Denmark has installed the X-ray platform lift in its Department of Radiology, where the head radiographer describes what this has meant for the department in its day-to-day work:

"The X-ray platform lift makes for a much better work environment. Previously, we had to use portable stairs. The stairs take up a lot of space and patients have difficulty climbing the high steps. It's also heavy and carries a risk of work-related injuries. With the X-ray platform lift, you can use a remote control to lift the patient up to the correct height, so you maintain good contact with the patient.

- In addition to the above, the X-ray platform lift is also time-saving, as it's always ready for use. This is significant given the fact that around 20 patients go through each X-ray room daily where we use the platform lift."

Stepless model D

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