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Accessibility and
monument protection

The protestant city church was built in 1349, back then as an abbatial church of the Carmelite order. The size of today’s church choir is about the size of the original church. The abbatial church was built as a simple building – totally fitting into the style of the mendicant order. The large and wide space in the main church, the "nave", is still the style-determining function to this day. Inside the church, you will find medieval frescoes such as famous Reformer windows, created by the glass painter Ludwig Mittermaier from Lauingen.

Different modernization measurements have been taken, such as the renovation of the natural stone, removing barriers from the entrance, new bathrooms as well as new light and sound equipment.

Shortly after making the entrance of the church accessible for everyone, it was decided that the entry to the church choir should also be accessible. Due to aesthetics, a ramp was not the right choice. Instead, the right solution was a Stepless SLP C platform lift. The key features of this platform are that it is customizable and combines the function of a stairway with the functionality of a platform. The most important part though is that it is very discreet. Because the original stone is used on the surface, it is barely seen and fits into its environment almost invisibly.

SLP Model C

- Platform lift with unique features

Model C is a bespoke model designed for embedding in a flight of stairs or steps, with a platform at the upper level. The SLP C is intended for indoor and outdoor use, and functions as both a platform and a flight of steps/stairs.

The bespoke platform lift is often installed in locations where it is desirable to show particular consideration for aesthetics, architecture and surroundings.

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