Stepless LP11

  • The stations at Eibsee and Zugspitzplatt now both have a mobile LP11 lifting platform from Stepless by Guldmann.
    LP11 - Zugspitze Animation
  • A walk in the clouds: With first-class train service to Zugspitze
    LP11 - Zugspitze story

Stepless LP50H

  • LP50H platform lift - going down
    LP50H - Going Down
  • LP50H platform lift - going up
    LP50H - Going Up

Stepless Model C

  • Stepless SLP10 combined lifting platform and stairs at opera house
    Model C - Opera House
  • The Stepless SLP C model is an excellent solution for use in a wide variety of places
    Model C - Amaliegade Technical View

Stepless Model E

  • platform lift integrated in the stairway
    Model E - Christiansborg Palace
  • Model E Platform Lift French Ministry
    Model E - French Ministry

Stepless LP7

  • LP7 Auto Dealership

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