Plain ramps for uniform height differences

Plain ramps

  1. Solid ramps made of lightweight aluminium

  2. Integrated non-skid surface

  3. Maintenance-free


Plain ramps for uniform height differences

Stepless plain ramps are perfect for dealing with uniform height differences, where low weight is a factor and where the ramp is often used in the same place.
Stepless plain ramps feature the following benefits:

  • End caps that prevent the ramp from slipping during use, and serve as shock absorbers during transport
  • Softly rounded, folding handles that feel comfortable when lifting and carrying the ramp
  • High safety – can support heavy loads
  • An integrated non-skid surface that is extremely hard-wearing and provides sure footing in almost all conditions
  • Maintenance-free – anodised aluminium profiles for increased stability and strength
  • Holes for drainage
  • Attractive, functional design
  • Takes up little space when not in use

Stepless plain ramps are available in different lengths to accommodate different needs.

We always recommend using the longest ramp possible – the longer the ramp, the gentler the gradient and the easier the ramp is to negotiate. Generally speaking, we recommend the following ramp lengths in relation to the stated gradients:
User-operated manual wheelchair: maximum gradient 1:7.
Helper-assisted manual wheelchair and electric wheelchair: maximum gradient 1:5.

Recommended ramp lengths are presented in the chart below.

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Product Number Length
30006-050 55 cm
30006-100 116 cm

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