Doorstep ramps

Doorstep ramps

  1. Simple to position on top of an existing doorstep

  2. Non-skid

  3. Customised solutions available


Doorstep ramps

Stepless doorstep ramps are designed for use in places where it is undesirable – or not possible – to remove an existing doorstep.

Stepless doorstep ramps are easy to position on top of an existing doorstep. These ramps are made of aluminum, which means that they are extremely light. They feature a non-skid surface and are available in two different widths.

In addition, Stepless can also provide customised doorstep ramps on the basis of actual measurements. Request a drawing for stating measurements.

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Product Number Width x length Colour
39167 60 x 67 (x 2,5) Black
39177 60 x 77 (x 2,5) Black

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