handicap lift

LP8 Platform lift

  1. Copes with height differences of up to 3 metres

  2. User operated

  3. Lightweight design


Lifts up to 3 metres in height

The Stepless LP8 platform lift is ideal for use in places where users have to negotiate height differences of up to 3 metres.

This platform lift enables the vast majority of users to negotiate large differences in height without assistance. The platform features easily accessible operating buttons, and is supplied with operating panels for both upper and lower levels. The doors open and close automatically.

The Stepless LP8 is supplied in a simple yet attractive design with glass panels and gates as standard, making it easy to integrate this model seamlessly into most settings.

The Stepless LP8 model has a maximum lifting capacity of 352 kg, and can cope with lifts of up to 3 metres in height. It can be used in temperatures from -40° to +50° C.

While the LP8 is particularly well-suited to outdoor use, it is also ideal for installing indoors.

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