LP7 platform lift

LP7 and LP7+ Platform lift

  1. Lifts up to 1500 mm

  2. 50 mm ramp height

  3. For indoor and outdoor use


Unique features

The Stepless LP7 platform lift has a unique, self-supporting construction. LP7 has a very low entry level of only 50 mm, which allows for a short ramp and no need for placing the platform in a pit. The LP7 platform lift can achieve a lifting height of up to 1500 mm and has a lifting capacity of 350 kg.

The platform lift has an elegant and light design that is simple to integrate in various environments. LP7 is for indoor as well as outdoor use, and is easy to install, as it is placed directly on the ground and is self-supporting.

As a precaution, and to avoid any extraneous foreign objects, the LP7 comes with a safety shielding which covers/shields the full lifting area.
With an LP7 platform lift, the vast majority of users will be self-reliant. Operating buttons are easily accessible on the platform itself, in addition to external wall-mounted or freestanding operating panels on the upper and lower level.

The Stepless LP7 can be supplied either with a ramp safety device or with a fully automatic safety gate at the lower level. A fully automated safety gate may also be added at the upper level (Depending on local and national conditions, be aware of various regulations for lifting height and safety gates.).

The LP7 is supplied as standard with plexiglass sides.

The platform lift is available in two variants; LP7 with a lifting height of up to 800 mm and LP7+ with a lifting height of up to 1500 mm. It is supplied as standard with an electronic drive unit.

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