Platform lift LP5+

LP5+ Platform lift

  1. Extra operating panels available

  2. Complies with accessiblity requirements

  3. Easy to install


Lightweight design

Thanks to its lightweight design, the Stepless LP5+ platform lift is easy to integrate into a variety of settings – both public and private. The LP5+ model can handle lifts to a height of up to 690 mm if recessed into the floor, and up to 830 mm if it is installed directly on the floor surface, making it the ideal choice for dealing with slightly greater height differences. The LP5+ has a maximum lifting capacity of 360 kg.

The Stepless LP5+ model is fitted with a tall, transparent side panel, and is supplied with a battery backup to make sure the platform never runs out of power.

The Stepless LP5+ platform lift is available with features including a safety gate for the upper level, exit to the left or to the right, and wireless operation.

Different rules concerning lifting height and shielding may apply, depending on local and national regulations.

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