LP50  Office building 16th arrondissement Paris

LP50 Platform lift

  1. Discreet, aesthetically pleasing solution

  2. Extremely low recessing height - just 160 mm

  3. Your choice of platform coating


Designed for recessing into the floor

Designed to help users negotiate height differences of up to 830 mm, the Stepless LP50 is an indoor, floor-mounted, vertical lifting platform with a maximum lifting capacity of 375 kg.

The Stepless LP50 platform lift is designed for recessing into the floor so that users can negotiate minor height differences, and therefore provides a solution so simple and discrete that it is almost invisible when not in use.

When the LP50 is activated, the platform safety edges rise up automatically, preventing the user from rolling off the edge. When the user reaches the top level, the raised front edge lowers automatically, allowing him/her to exit the platform smoothly.

The LP50 platform lift becomes a natural part of the building, making it ideal for use in heritage buildings and other places that require an aesthetically pleasing solution.

To help adapt the LP50 to suit different settings, this platform lift is prepared for finishing with a variety of 22 mm-thick surfaces, such as wood, tiles and carpet.

The Stepless LP50 platform lift features a built-in operating panel for user operation.

Different rules concerning lifting height and shielding may apply, depending on local and national regulations.

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