Stepless Platform lift model H

SLP model H - Platform lift

  1. For indoor use

  2. Extremely low recessing height

  3. Discreet and aesthetic solution


Recessed lifting platform with horizontal travel

Stepless SLP H is a floor-mounted lifting platform that, without requiring modifications to stairs or the room, is built into the floor in front of the stairs to be negotiated. A very simple and discreet solution, which is almost invisible when not in use.

The SLP H lifting platform requires a very low recessing height and can therefore be installed with a pit of just 250 mm.
The lifting platform blends into the environment in which it is installed and is therefore ideal for heritage buildings and sites where the existing aesthetic building style needs to be respected.

The SLP H lifting platform lifts vertically with horizontal travel, which means that it moves in over the stairs to be negotiated when the platform is at the correct height. When the lifting platform is activated, the safety edges of the platform rise automatically, preventing the user from rolling off the edge during lifting. When the platform reaches the top level, the front safety edge is automatically lowered to allow the user to exit the platform.

The lifting platform is operated via a user-friendly control panel located on the platform.

The SLP H lifting platform can be customised to match the surroundings. Since SLP H is a customised lifting platform, specifications, design, and appearance may vary.

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