SLP model F - Platform lift

  1. For indoor and outdoor use

  2. Discreet and aesthetic

  3. Custom made for each building/staircase


Built-in platform lift in stairs

The Stepless SLP F platform lift is a bespoke model designed for embedding in a flight of stairs or steps, with a platform at the lower level. The SLP F is intended for indoor and outdoor use. It works as both platform and stairs.

The SLP F can be used in many different places and is an optimal solution when it is needed to compensate for small differences in level. In use, the platform lifts the step or steps to the upper level so that the user can move freely of the platform. When the platform goes down again, each step is left at the respective height of the stairs. A low anti-roll bar around the platform secures the user.

The platform coating is made in the same material as the other steps, meaning that the platform lift becomes a beautiful and almost invisible part of its surroundings, whether the existing stairs are made of tile, stone or wood.

The lifting platform is activated via a panel located by the platform, where the user or a helper can easily operate it. The control panel can also be placed on the lifting platform itself.

The model F Stepless bespoke platform lift is often installed in locations where it is desirable to show particular consideration for aesthetics, architecture and surroundings.

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