Christiansborg Palace - Stepless platform lift model E

SLP model E - Platform lift

  1. Specially designed to merge with its surroundings

  2. The steps transform into a platform

  3. For indoor and outdoor use


The steps transform into a platform lift

The Stepless SLP E platform lift is designed for building into both indoor and outdoor steps/stairs, and is custom-built for each individual setting.

The Stepless SLP E model provides dignified access for all users to buildings where aesthetic considerations are paramount – such as listed, heritage structures. This particular platform has already been successfully installed in a number of prestigious buildings that include the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris and the Danish Parliament Building.

The distinguishing feature of this customised platform lift is that the steps/stairs themselves transform into a platform when the system is activated. This means there is no platform at either lower or upper levels.

When a user pushes the button to operate the Stepless SLP E platform, the safety barriers rise up automatically and the steps transform into a platform. The platform lift is then ready for use and can be raised and lowered using the operating panel. There are several options for positioning the operating panel.

This platform lift can be tailored to suit different surroundings. As the SLP E platform lift is a customised model, the final specifications, design and appearance may vary.

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