Stepless model D Bio Victor

SLP model D - Platform lift

  1. Small and discreet

  2. Recessed into the floor

  3. Intended for indoor use


Small platform lift for indoor use

The Stepless SLP D model is a small platform lift without railings, designed for recessing into the floor in front of a landing. This customised platform lift is designed for indoor use. It is finished with the same surface as the floor to ensure that the solution is as discreet as possible.

The SLP D platform lift is designed without railings. Instead, it is possible to install four safety edges that are automatically activated when the platform is in use, eliminating any risk of the user rolling off.

The Stepless SLP D platform lift is an excellent solution for indoor use – in an apartment, for instance, where it may be necessary to negotiate a single step from the living room to the balcony.

The operating panel can be positioned in several different places.

This platform lift can be tailored to suit different surroundings. As the SLP D platform lift is a customised model, the final specifications, design and appearance may vary.

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