Lifting platform

SLP model C - Platform lift

  1. For indoor and outdoor use

  2. For embedding descreetly in the steps/stairs, with a platform at the upper level

  3. Specially built to match the flight of steps/stairs in question


Designed for embedding in a flight of stairs or steps

The Stepless SLP C platform lift is a bespoke model designed for embedding in a flight of stairs or steps, with a platform at the upper level. The SLP C is intended for indoor and outdoor use, and functions as both a platform and a flight of steps/stairs

The Stepless SLP C model is an excellent solution for use in a wide variety of places where users need to negotiate a difference in height – to enter or exit a stage, for example, to access a speaker’s podium, to reach the altar in a church or to deal with differences in floor level in other public settings.

As the same material is used for the platform surface as for the other steps/stairs, the solution becomes a neat, barely noticeable part of the environment, irrespective of whether the steps or stairs are made of stone, tile or wood.

If the setting or height difference requires it, the SLP C platform lift can be designed with tall safety barriers that prevent users from rolling off the edge while the platform is in motion.

This model is activated via a panel placed discreetly next to the platform, where it can be operated by users themselves or by their helpers. The control panel can also be placed on the platform itself.

The model C Stepless bespoke platform lift is often installed in locations where it is desirable to show particular consideration for aesthetics, architecture and surroundings.

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