Stepless platform lift model B

SLP model B - Platform lift

  1. Can be adapted to match various surfaces

  2. For outdoor use

  3. Takes up minimal space when not in use


Blends neatly into its surroundings

The Stepless SLP B platform lift is a bespoke model, where both the platform itself and the tall safety barrier are built into a prefabricated pit in the ground, making it almost impossible to spot when not in use. The SLP B platform lift can be adapted to blend neatly into its surroundings. It can be finished with almost any surface – cobblestones, tiles or paving stones, for example – to ensure it merges discreetly with its setting.

When the SLP B is activated, the safety barriers rise up automatically to prevent users from rolling off the edge while the platform is in motion.

Designed for outdoor use, the Stepless SLP platform lift is typically installed outside old, public and/or heritage buildings dating back to a time before it was usual to show consideration for users with reduced mobility.

As the SLP B platform lift is a customised model, the final specifications, design and appearance may vary.

The SLP B model is designed for operation by users themselves, without external assistance. The platform can, however, also be operated via an external panel.

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