Cases overview

Lift enables wheelchair users
to access Osnabrück registry office

By Sebastian Stricker

At last! No more obstacles to weddings! The city of Osnabrück has made the entrance to the Weigh House on the market square accessible. The heavy wooden doors now open automatically, and with the help of a platform lift, wheelchair users are now also able to access the room used for wedding ceremonies in the historic building with ease.

Remodelling the historic building cost 90,000 euro and took three months to complete. The building (constructed in 1532), which is used by the registry office, is now completely accessible – just in time for wedding season. Over 600 wedding ceremonies are held in the Weigh House each year.

“A project close to the heart”
A platform lift has been installed, which is not only easy to operate, but also looks elegant. The platform lift can be completely lowered into the floor. A touch of a button is all that’s required to access the foyer via the stairs. The Lord Mayor Wolfgang Griesert describes it as “elegant and discreet”.

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