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Skilled project consultancy for building owners and architects

Building owners, architects and anyone else planning buildings and structures where the emphasis is on good access have to consider many different issues and requirements.

A specialist project division, staffed by engineers, building designers, and technical drawing specialists, is here to help with this, to assist and guide you in all phases of your project, from initial idea, through project planning, to final implementation.

The Stepless approach is never about taking an off-the-shelf solution and shoehorning it into a particular project’s requirements. We treat every enquiry from a customer as one of a kind, even though the project may still be on the drawing board. Our focus is on supplying you with effective solutions specifically configured to comply with the individual project requirements – and ready for transferring directly to the final architect drawings.

This saves both architect and building owner time as well as money, eliminates the risk of unpleasant surprises – and guarantees the best possible result for everyone involved.

Project consultancy can include:

  • Assistance with project planning and project descriptions
  • Preparing specific proposals for Stepless customised platform lifts
  • Participating in project planning, coordination and construction meetings
  • Follow-up at the construction site

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Think accessibility into your project right from the very beginning

Stepless focuses exclusively on improving access for people whose mobility may be limited, including wheelchair users.

We supply a wide range of platform lifts, stairlifts and ramps specifically designed to make access to public buildings, private homes and public transport easier.

Identify the users
Consider the situation the users find themselves in, and consider which aids they will find most useful.

Identify the specific needs
Consider the available space and how the equipment is going to be used. Is the solution intended for installation in a new structure, or as part of a renovation or refurbishment?

Do you want or need an integrated solution that blends in with the surroundings and the architectural setting?

Identify the most appropriate solution
Consider the maximum lifting capacity required, the lift height and the size of the platform.

Decide on the most suitable placing
Determine the most appropriate placement for the type of platform or lift you require, and check that the installation will not interfere with other activities in and around the building.

Consider design issues
Is there any need for the colour and materials used to match other aspects of the interior design? Would it be better with an open or enclosed platform? Or are there any other special factors to take into account? Is the setup to be fitted in a listed or heritage building, for instance?

Investigate operating considerations
Consider the type of operating panel and where it would be best to install it. Should the doors open manually or automatically?

Is an alarm needed?
Would it be relevant to add an alarm/call system?

Stepless consultants will be happy to perform all measurement and detailed project planning work, free of charge and with no obligation for you.

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