Cover plates for indoor doorsteps

Cover plates

  1. Discreet and aesthetically pleasing

  2. Replace door steps

  3. Non-skid


Cover plates for indoor doorsteps

Installing Stepless cover plates removes doorsteps as an obstacle for wheelchair and rollator users in a discreet, aesthetically pleasing manner. The obstacle is permanently eliminated by removing the existing doorstep and installing a Stepless cover plate in its place. The cover plate is fitted completely flush with the floor.

Stepless cover plates are made of aluminum and feature a non-skid surface. Stepless cover plates for doorsteps are available in two different colours and in several widths.

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Product Number Length x width Colour
780105 180 x 10,5 Bronze/Champagne
780130 180 x 13 Bronze/Champagne
780155 180 x 15 Bronze/Champagne
780180 180 x 18 Bronze/Champagne
780199 180 x 5 Aluminum
780200 180 x 8 Aluminum
780201 180 x 10,5 Aluminum
780202 180 x 13 Aluminum
780204 180 x 15 Aluminum
780206 180 x 18 Aluminum

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